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Why you'll ❤️ Fefa Academy

Flexible learning schedule

Only you control when and how you learn. Since the courses are saved for offline use, you can go throught them whenever you prefer, in whatever order you prefer.

Active community support

Fefa contains a rich and active community on many platforms. Perhaps too many. Whether you' stuck or looking for advice, we've got you covered!

Certificate on completion

Upon course completion, you can request a certificate and depending on the course, you will be required to complete certain tasks/quizes after which you're presented with the course certificate.

Downloadable courses

Download any course, any time to watch them later without an internet connection. Alternatively, you could save a course to your cloud storage service of choice.

Project-based learning

Think project-based learning on steroids. We create multiple real world projects with practical applications to solidify the concepts taught to you in a course/lesson.

Nerdy humour

I can't help myself. I am a nerd and I make nerdy jokes. Even this website is rigged with multiple easter eggs: nerdy references and popular one-liners. Brace yourself.

Learn from the ground-up

Our courses are masterclasses. They assume a novice status and are designed in such a way to take you from whatever level you are in, to an expert in your field.

Problem-centered approach

We don' stack your mind with concepts then find highly contrived use-cases. We take a problem first approach and present new concepts in due time. We cross that bridge when we get there.

It's totally free

And if that's not enough, remember that it's all absolutely free. It quite literally doesn't get more exciting than that. If not, there's the door. Well, not really, but you get the point.


The Fefa Academy Manifesto

I. To create intertwingled projects

... In an important sense, there are no "subjects" at all; there is only all knowledge, since the cross connections among the myriad topics of this world simply cannot be divided up neatly.- Ted Nelson
One of the goals we wish to achieve is create highly composable projects that will not only have real-world applications, but also get reused by other related projects down the line.

II. To build a community...a family

I love being with people. It's the most incredible thing in the world; That world may change and evolve, but the one thing that will never change, we're all part of one big family...- Stan Lee
Vin Diesel was right: It's all about family. My goals with Fefa include creating a thriving community where people learn new skills, grow professionaly, make new friends, become part of a family!

III. Because free can be high quality

All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talent- John F. Kennedy
The biggest challenge most of us face in our quest for knowledge is the lack of adequate resources. Fefa aims to provide a platform for everyone, to expand on their skills or pick up new ones, all for free.

IV. For the love of knowledge

You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself- Galileo Galilei
There is nothing quite like the feeling of learning something new. From web development to graphic design to whatever it is you desire to learn, we will help you discover it within yourself.

Ways you can support us

Fefa is a non-profit platform. It's maintained by the pockets of the owners and our awesome patreons. There are multiple ways that you could help us financially. Consider sponsoring us via github or patreon or buy me a coffee. You could also make a direct donation.
Spread the love
If you feel that the academy has helped you in any way, help us grow by spreading the word, and the love. Share our links on your socials and so on. You can tweet you testimonial at @fefaacademy and it will get featured in the testimonials section.
Contributions can be made in various ways. Provide feedback to us by taking the surveys and helping us improve. Have an idea, or some constructive criticism ? Don't hesitate to let us know, in our public discord server. See an issue on the site? Fix it on github
Keep seeding
All courses can be downloaded directly, free of charge. To avoid high server costs, the courses are distributed through various means including peer to peer sharing. If you do happen to download any course via torrenting, please do keep seeding.
Are you a blogger?
Fefa isn't just an academy, it's a community. If you create blogs on any subjects related to the academy, you can request blogger level access and if granted, you will be able to create and post your content directly via the website.
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Do you create educational content?
We are constantly looking to expand our staff. If you create high quality educational content at any capacity, and are willing to do it for free, then you are eligible to join the fefa staff and help us in our mission to help others learn for free.
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Are you an expert in your field?
We offer certifications on course completion. However, the students must first pass quizes in form of problem statements to which you provide solutions which are then reviewed by experts in given topic. Learn how you can become one.
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victor ndaba
From the Founder
Hi, 👋. I'm Victor Ndaba, the founder of this small academy. Fefa is like my perfect child: the Ruby to my Matz, the GOT to my HBO. I created it because I don't believe that free and high quality have to be mutually exclusive. Among other things, I am primarily a self-taught software developer and I have had to take a lot of courses to get to where I am today. I noticed that there's always this pattern where most free courses only offer you so much and the really good ones are not free, and even then, they may not be enough. Which is why Fefa is here, to break the wheel 😉.

Join the community...

As stated above, Fefa is more than just another online academy. We are a community, a family more like, that will help you learn together and grow together. The Fefa Academy community is spread out over various social platforms and even on the Academy website itself. For code-related projects and programming in general, find us on github. Looking for a more serious and career-based fefa community? The linkedin group will suit your needs. The discord server is probably the most active community. This is the place for you if you're looking for a study partner to complete a course together, support regarding a specific course or lesson, or just any information related to Fefa in general. You can also follow us on twitter. As for my fellow redditors, I will see you on the subreddit.

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